Industrial Battery Services, Inc. is an authorized sales and service representative for industrial batteries, chargers and stationary systems. IBS is committed to providing our customers with excellent service & support.
IBS provides sales, service and consulting in battery powered systems including U.P.S. (Uninterruptible Power Systems), Motive Power (forklift), and Stationary Power (switchgear and light rail systems).  We carefully service all systems according to IEEE standards, manufacturer’s recommendations and customer guidelines.
IBS covers the Northern California and Reno markets and is an authorized representative for several top companies including: Battery Handling Systems, Max Power Corporation, Material Transportation, Corporation and Saft-Nife (Services). The company has two sales and service locations in Richmond and Sacramento with a fleet of five trucks, and is licensed by the State of California as a hazardous material transporter.  Our experienced staff has over a century working in the industrial battery industry.
IBS has annual contracts with but not limited to the following major companies:
BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)
MUNI (city and county of San Francisco)
PG & E (Pacific Gas and Electric)
For more information about our service offerings please contact us today at 888.767.0305 oribsrecoder@aol.com.

Industrial Battery Services

Industrial Battery Services Inc. is an authorized sales and service representative 
for industrial batteries, chargers, and stationary systems.